Mixing Guitars and Vocals Mono to StereoPubliziert am 26. August 2014 von adminLets say we have a small home recording band with less microphones to record drums and their guitars and stuff and we only have one guitar recording track. It will sound boring and dull. Lets try a nice idea of mixing guitars and vocals […]

Mastering Fragen und Antworten

Mastering Fragen und Antworten Audio Datenlieferung? – Format: WAV, Aif, FLAC, OMF(for your Protools, Cubase, Logic etc. Sessions) – Bitrate: 32bit float, 24bit, 16bit – Samplerate: 44khz (higher rates are possible) – Einsenden: per E-Mail auf einem Speichermedium oder als Downloadlink gezipped z.Bsp.: „“ oder *.rar per,, deinen dropbox account – Anlieferung des finalen Masterings: Downloadlink per Wetransfer direkt […]

DAM – Audio Mastering

Welcome at Digital Audio Mastering I offer you a digital and analogue Audio Mastering & Mixdown Service for your Songs, Albums, Compilations, Singletracks and Videomaterial by regarding your costumer’s wishes and goals. You will find all informations and content in english and german as well. Service: Online and Offline Editing, Mixing, Audio Mastering for Audio & […]


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3 wichtige Dinge für deinen Mix

I think the 3 most important things for a good mix are * EQing – each instrument and/or sound needs his own space and frequencies. you do this most of the time with highpass/lowpass filters on each channel or peak/bell/notch as well * Leveling – each instrument and/ or sound needs his own level for […]

The Engineer

About the Engineer Im Sebastian and I offer a digital and analogue Mixdown and Mastering Service for your Songs, Albums, Compilations, Singletracks and Videomaterial by regarding your costumer’s wishes and goals. Since 1996 I produce club based music by myself and therefore I’ve got a high knowledge of Mixing and Mastering which I offer to […]

DAW Bassdrum Summing Distortion Test

I’ve made a summing Test with 6 DAWs I currently use. You can hear the difference between their internal digital distortion when I cranked up the gain 3dB over 0. The Reason is, that the master channel will sum all single channels together and each DAW has other algorithms to do that. The Result is […]


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