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Welcome at Digital Audio Mastering

I offer you a digital and analogue Audio Mastering & Mixdown Service for your Songs, Albums, Compilations, Singletracks and Videomaterial by regarding your costumer’s wishes and goals. You will find Вендинговые all informations and content in english and german as well.

Online and Offline Editing, Mixing, Audio Mastering for Audio & Video

Accepted Formats:
WAV(incl. BWF), AIFF, MOV, H264, MXF, AVI, XDCAM… (ask for more)

Experiences with:
ProTools, Cubase, Reaper, Ableton Live, Logic, Reason, Sony Acid

Some Gear:
SSL Compressor, Sontec / GML 8200 EQ, Universal Audio, Neve, Focusrite, Waves, UAD, DDMF, Bootsy, Brainworx, Voxengo, Art, KRK, Mackie, cheap nfl jerseys ray ban sale Akai…

KRK VXT Series, ME Geithain BR Series


Some Clients:

Audiolabor Ben Böhmer 3RDWax
Patrick Krieger ad.lib Mattias Fridell
Vegim Luis Ruiz DJ MITA
Bilro & Barbosa Mirko S. Public Frequency
Bruce Nitrosound Beatz4Freakz
Schmob Recordings Zahnrad Records Nox
Jokerbitch Recordings Tribetoolz Netlabel Delete everything
Bodybuilding/ Ernährungscoach
Carla Marquardt
Agentur Berlin /
Foot Fetish Records
The Coffee


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